Vidalia without TorBrowserBundle on Mac

last year


is there any download for Mac OS 10.6 to install only the actual Vidalia with actual Tor but without the TorBrowser (Firefox)?
I want to run tor as relay (without exit-relay) all the time in background but I use my regular Firefox without Tor mostly.
If I use tor, I want to switch it on with FoxyProxy (and use NoScript etc.).

This is possible with the old TorBrowser, where I have Vidalia 0.2.21 and Tor This is an old Tor version, but there is no update.
I didn't find a way to update only tor in this bundle, only the complete TorBrowserBundle which I don't want, as I only want Vidalia + Tor.

Is this possible to download somewhere or to separate it from the todays only download TorBrowserBundle?

Thank you


last year

I don't have a Mac to experiment with, but presumably you could download the new style browser bundle, extract it and use the Tor application from in there to replace your outdated Tor, while still using the old Vidalia.


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