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In addition to the TOR Browser I use a VPN to provide protection for applications like Skype, etc. that do not use a browser.

I use the TOR Browser anytime a browser is needed. I keep the VPN on all the time.

In addition I use VPNCheck Pro to manage the VPN.

VPNChecl Pro has a feature that allows the user to manually change or automatically have the MAC Address, Host Name and Computer Name changed on start up of the VPN each time.

Here are my questions:

1. There do not seem to be any conflicts between the TOR Browser, and the VPN or the TOR Browser and VPNCheck Pro. Am I missing something or is it OK to use the TOR Browser with a VPN and VPNCheck Pro as described above?

2. When VPNCheck Pro changes the MAC Address, Host Name, and Computer Name, will those changes pass through the TOR Browser and be reflected in the outside world? I asked VPNCheck Pro and they seemed to duck the question. Maybe that is because they do not want to speak to what TOR will do and not do.

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I think your VPN goes directly, without TOR. Am I wrong?

Also, check out our previous 'VPN over Tor' treads, mb you'll find something useful:

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1. The threads Danja linked too provide more detailed answers to this, but in short, there's no conflict, but you're not getting the best privacy using them "side-by-side". Ideally you would use one through the other. Whether you'd use Tor through the VPN or the VPN through Tor depends on exactly what your goal is.

2. Normally none of those things will be exposed to the internet anyway. That's more in case you don't' want your computer recognized when accessing a public 802.11 network or the like.


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