Bitcoin/Litecoin Payment Gateway With 0% Transaction fees

last year is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dollars online billing processor , that accept payments just as credit cards or PayPal with transaction fees of 0%, Our service is anonymous, safe and secure.

Merchants can integrate this on their website or shopping cart, with no account verification required. xCoinMoney Merchant is available for business accounts only. Sign up is not required for the buyers, they can pay either from xCoinMoney accounts or directly with Bitcoin or Litecoin. have full support for Tor sites, merchants can receive callback notification to their Tor domain names. And there are no charge backs.
You can also learn more about xCoinMoney Merchant

xCoinMoney will introduce Primecoin and Dogecoin before the end of March


+ Callback notification to Tor sites.

+ xCoinMoney have a domain inside Tor sites.

+ Bitcoins , Litecoins and dollars are supported.

+ 100% Anonymous payment.

+ Personal and Business accounts are supported.

+ Advanced API.

+ Transfer and receive payments.

+ Sending and paying invoices.

+ Can create bitcoin, litecoin and dollars subscription.

+ Callback notification.


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