Detekt: Amnesty / EFF Launch Tool To Spot Web Snooping

9 days ago


What is Detekt and how does it work?

"Detekt is a free tool that scans your computer for traces of known surveillance spyware used by governments to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world. By alerting them to the fact that they are being spied on, they will have the opportunity to take precautions.

It was developed by security researchers and has been used to assist in Citizen Lab's investigations into government use of spyware against human rights defenders, journalists and activists as well as by security trainers to educate on the nature of targeted surveillance.

Amnesty International is partnering with Privacy International, Digitale Gesellschaft and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to release Detekt to the public for the first time."


Official Sites:

- version 1.2 download (Nov 21, 2014) .exe & sig

* Updates appear to be frequent - bookmark & monitor:


- Detekt Author's GPG key:

The distributed binary is signed with the author's personal PGP key, the public key is available at


- More info/News stories: ... rveillance ... or-spyware ... 2014-11-20 ... nd-answers ... ice/109508 ... an-states/ ... 000036005/ ... nt-spyware


- Author's Twitter Page:


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