[NEWS] Introducing TOM Marketplace

2 months ago

After the recent problems of Agora Market, you can try this alternative market, TOM Marketplace:
Registration: http://tom3j5jkjl7327oc.onion/register.html?refid=3a90

TOM - The Onion Market

Why TOM?

[list]MultiSig escrow
[i]TOM offers centralized and MultiSig escrow. We advise MultiSig because it reduces the risk that your BTC get stolen.

TOM allows you to set up authentication based on knowlegde (Password) combined with possession (PGP private key). You can also use password only authentication.

Timed orderflow
No endless waiting for sellers that ignore you! No waiting for buyers not responding after they received the goods. TOM's timed orderflow takes care of this.

Quick and helpful support
Normally response within 2 days.

Easy interface
A simple, intuitive interface based on Twitter.

Only 3% fee per transaction paid by the seller.
Transperant, only one fee. 3 % over a transaction. No withdrawal fee, membership fee or whatsoever.

No Javascript needed
It takes less then a minute to register!

"If you are a seller on EVO, Cloud9, Agora, Pandora or BSM we can copy your listings to your TOM account for you automatically."


TOM Marketplace URL:

TOM Forum:

2 months ago

We are not affiliated with the market. Use it on your own responsibility!

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