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7 months ago

I will be selling an onion router package on ebay at cost price + the ebay % (I dont want to lose money in the process :) )to support the community and help it grow. I will offer shipping to AU, US, GB and most EU countries at the buyers expense. Hopefully it shouldn't cost much at all.

The Package will include:

A Tor router which you connect to your local network via lan and recieve AP signals through the attached wifi dongle so you can connect to TOR network wirelessly

A Tor relay (Middle relay so dont worry about getting in trouble) which you connect to your lan network and leave it to do its thing for months even years, I have noticed it only donwloads 50MB max downloads a day and half of that in uploads so its not a load on your network at all. You will need to forward two ports but I will explain all that in the configuration section.

Pricing is as follows and I will only include shipping to my address not one extra cent charged. All prices are AUD because I am located down under.

Tor Router components:
Raspberry pi 2 $58
+ black enclosure $10
+ Auspi wifi Adapter with antenna $30
+ 0.5m ethernet cable $2
+ micro usb cable $1.5
+ 16GB class 10 SD card preloaded with my personal image so it will plug and play $10
Total = $111.5

1. The image included points to for internet which is a common home configuration if yours is different please refer to a guide or... sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces then scroll down to eth0 and change the line with the default gateway to point to your modem/routers IP and other settings as you need just leave wlan0 as is. hit ctrl+x then y and enter restart your pi and you should be good to go.
2. I have also chosen the auspi adapter as I know its has very good range even though there are options available that are half the price.
3. I havent included a power adapter as that drives the price up just get one of these or something similar and it should be able to handle 3 to 4 RPI 2's easily. ... EBIDX%3AIT
4. I am using a 16GB sd card here because thats the size of the card I used when I set mine up and the image i created is 16GB.
5.Static eth0 IP is192.168.1.50 and SSH is enabled on port 22 so just hook it upto LAN and power and remote access it.

Tor Relay components:
Raspberry pi 2 $58
+white enclosure $10
+0.5m ethernet cable $2
+ micro usb cable $1.5
+ 8GB class 10 sd card preloaded with my personal image will also plug and play $9
Total: $80.5

1. For the relay to work you will need to forward a port on your router/firewall just google it, it is fairly easy. By default forward port 443 TCP/UDP internal and external and Also port 9030 TCP/UDP. If you want to change use different ports then you will need to edit the torrc file...sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc > ctrl+w and type ORPORT > hit enter and change the port to whatever you want just make sure you forward it on firewall as well. To change the Directport scroll down or ctrl+W and search for direct change the port to whatever you want and forward it on the firewall as well.
2. use the sudo -u debian-tor arm command to monitor activity on the relay and make changes to bandwidth etc
3. Static IP for eth0 is SSH enabled same as above port 22
4. Tor Relay name is: Punani4life but you can change that in the torrc file mentioned in note 1.

Total cost of package: $111.5+$80.5= $192 I suspect shipping within AU wouldn't be more than $10-$15 will try my best to offer free shipping if I have the spare cash lying around.

I will build two packages so 4 devices in total to test out if there are any takers. Once payment is cleared on ebay I will email the buyer additional details such as the password and any other queries they might have.

Do you guys think this is a good way to support the community?




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