VUDU permanently blocks all TOR IPs, including relays

last year

VUDU permanently blocks all TOR IP addresses. Here is a response I received from VUDU support after being blocked. Please note that I was [u]not[/u] using TOR to watch VUDU. Instead, I was running a TOR relay on my home PC entirely separately from watching VUDU on my Roku. Also, I only ran it for a few days.

Thanks for writing in about this. Errors 1:200 and #5000 are general connection errors that occur most commonly when the VUDU site or app is unable to connect to the VUDU servers at all. The most common reason for this is location outside the country, or connecting using a proxy. This error message will also show up if the IP address is in any way associated with TOR or if the IP had been associated with TOR at any time in the past. Since your IP has been associated with TOR previously, the Netacuity software on our servers detects that connection and flags your IP address. The best way to resolve this is to reach out to your ISP for a new IP that is not associated with TOR. There really isn't a way to use TOR and not run into these error messages on VUDU.

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VUDU Customer Care
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If I do get a new IP address from my ISP, all I will do is cause some other user of my ISP to get permanently blocked from using VUDU because the IP address will be reallocated to someone else.

Hulu also blocks TOR, but they do have a way of white-listing IP addresses of legitimate users. With video streaming companies blocking TOR relay nodes, I feel I cannot contribute to the TOR project. The TOR project really needs to come up with a way to protect its volunteers. Otherwise it will lose them.


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