What does the blinking Torbutton means?

last year


I open Torbrowser on my MacBook and the Torbutton is blinking with an exclamation mark (yellow), see attached Screenshot.

What does it mean?
Why does it blink without any clear message?
A ordinary bug?

When I click the Torbutton I see in fat letters: Tor-Browser aktualisierung herunterladen

But I am already on 3.5.1 and this download is as well 3.5.1, so what is it?



8 months ago

Yes, I have the same. After I saw it blinking away and explored what it might have meant. I have ended up just downloading an "Update" thinking it might be the cause. But still, it Blinks away.
I must admit, that I haven't shut the system down or turned off at the wall (the computer) and maybe that might do the trick.
I watch this question with interest. I'm far from being a "geek" but really do have problems with this computer language that gets used.


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