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What does the blinking Torbutton means?

by franc in Talks

  Bambina   8 months ago

Yes, I have the same. After I saw it blinking away and explored what it might have meant. I have ended up just downloading an "Update" thinking it might be the cause. But still, it Blinks away.
I must admit, that I haven't shut the system down or turned off at the wall (the compute ...

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Newbie has Email and Memory Stick questions

by Bambina in Talks

  Bambina   last year

I have read quite a lot but the jargon that is written is all new to me so please excuse my ignorance to possibly simple things.
I am after a email service that can be more secure than what I am using now Apple desk top computer using Safari to get to Gmail.)
I have never used Mozila or Fire ...

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