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is there any extension for use tor browser with chrome?

by scarletXD in General Questions

  caske   last year

Try Proxy Switchy! or follow this guide 'How to Configure Google Chrome for Tor'

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Careful running a TOR exit node!

by manga in Talks

  caske   last month

People have to understand, that to some degree, we made our own monster, in that of TOR. TOR is great for oppressed people in countries where the government censors and blocks access to freedom of speech, access to world news and communications. But at the same time, our Navy, who in part developed ...

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Any Tor hidden directories?

by Mattew in General Questions

  caske   4 months ago

The Hidden Wiki is regularly under denial of service attacks in the last months.

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Tor with VirtualBox ?

by Crazy Milk in General Questions

  caske   4 months ago

I don't experience such issues in VMware, VirtualBox or QEMU. Try accessing other .onion sites, such as DuckDuckGo's 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion, for instance. There could be an issue if the clock is not set correctly, but there were no reports about that.

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