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Torchat: Make it use tor

by Mathilde in Userspace Software

  Mathilde   2 months ago

What is torchat ?
Torchat is a python based chat software that uses the tor networks internal .onion services to communicate. Its the safest option out there when it comes to anonymity.
Windows ...

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Could not open lock file

by saturn in General Questions

  Mathilde   last year

That means you are not logged in as root which is needed.
Simple write
And type in your root password. If you have no idea what i talk about, then create a new root password with the following command
sudo passwd root
Enter first your own users password, then the new root pw. ...

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Detecting proxy

by Mike The Great in Security Questions

  Mathilde   last year

If you have java,javascript or flash enabled they can detect your real non usa ip anyway. that might be the case.

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Difference between TOR & I2P

by sakiri in General Questions

  Mathilde   last year

Its not an easy question. you have understood it quite well. i2p is not really for clearnet browsing, for that its slow, you cant up or download and its restricted, like if you enter *proxy* in any form in the url the website with that term in it wont even load.
To give a more precise answer yo ...

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