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VPN + Tor = more anonymity?

by loverock in Security Questions

  n0mad   2 months ago

as long as it's a decent VPN solution, I think you shouldn't have any problems with anonymity as they're pretty good at hiding IP addresses.  Some decent options I've found recently are; 1) http://www.hushtunnel.com  2) http://vpncreative.com/review/vpnsecure-me-review/

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Accessing Gmail over Tor

by kenny10 in General Questions

  n0mad   2 months ago

The whole point of Tor is to anonymize you. Stop using Tor when signing into Gmail and that should fix your problem.

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I can't upgrade flash player in Aurora

by Xeon in Userspace Software

  n0mad   4 months ago

It seems that Adobe didn't update the flashplayer-win.xpi file to 10.1, which this installer depended on.
So you should copy the flash 10.1 plugin installed on your computer's hard drive into your Firefox Portable plugin directory. This solution isn't as good as the original, but since it seems ...

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