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Java plugin not working

by Python in General Questions

  Python   last month

Hi, so i have this strange problem.
I am using Firefox with the Tor browser to get around a block and the site loads and everything but the java puglin will NOT run, I know I have the current java installed, I have checked many many times.
My guess is that Firefox Tor is not detecting my jav ...

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Careful running a TOR exit node!

by manga in Talks

  Python   3 months ago

I am not sympathetic to the child porn argument. I do not believe that
possession of child porn should be considered a felony.
I understand heaping heavy punishments on people who create or profit from
child porn, or any other despicable exploitation of minors, however it
should neve ...

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Test for REAL anonymity.

by Paggy in Security Questions

  Python   last year

https:/ will test your IP. Another fine test is https:/

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