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Will Tor keep me safe with the new Aus "three strike" Law?

by Redstar2613 in Security Questions

  Redstar2613   last year

Recently in Australia they passed a three strikes law, which basically means that if you download a tv show etc, you get 3 warnings via email and then you're in trouble. I don't know if streaming counts but I assume that it would.
This page explains it in more detail ...

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Pinterest found a bot when using Tor, apparently

by Redstar2613 in General Questions

  Redstar2613   6 months ago

I went to pinterest on Tor and I got this message:
Uh oh! We've found a bot
It looks like there's a bot running on your network. Send us a message with your IP address and we'll help you get going again.
Your IP is:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Could this be this real, or just some kind of mistake ...

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