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Is there any reason in VPN over TOR?

by saturn in Userspace Software

  Revlon   2 months ago

I think (in general) you make fine points. This is why I think it is far superior to do Tor over VPN. Connect to the VPN first and then exit out of Tor. The VPN can never see what you are doing, except that you are in Tor. Tor exit nodes are fine with encrytped web sites and fine for anonymous/ ...

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Tor to VPN

by taouki in Security Questions

  Revlon   3 months ago

"VPN > Tor = provides privacy from your VPN provider. It will also prevent your ISP from knowing you use the Tor network. It will not provide any protection from malicious exit nodes on the Tor network."
--- vpn>tor vs tor>vpn-- With this method (VPN>TOR) your VPN KNOWS you are

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I can't upgrade flash player in Aurora

by Xeon in Userspace Software

  Revlon   4 months ago

Have you tried this?
1) First Download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player from here
(You dont need any browser installed ,it will install it anyways.)
2) Then go to this folder on your computer
3) co ...

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