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Anonymous Twitter or Facebook

by wjohnson in Userspace Software

  wjohnson   8 months ago

having difficulty registering/using twitter or facebook on tor. these sites dont like anony IPs or whatever, they continually lock my acct.
is there a way around this?
Are there twitter-like, facebook-likle social media sites that allow tor anony access?

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Convert pdf to txt or html

by wjohnson in Userspace Software

  wjohnson   6 months ago

Can someone recommend a free utility for converting pdf to txt or html?

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Multi hidden services on same server?

by wjohnson in Running a Server

  wjohnson   5 months ago

seeking tech assist. how can i run mutliple hidden services from one server? partitions? see real need for hosting services and want to create for the community cheap hosting.

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